Incident‡V; Encountered wiht the Jamsil Cemtral Church(News story from Christian news paper)
@A joint retreat between the Hyakunincho Church of UCCJ and the Jamsil Central Church of Korean Presbyterian was held at Gotenba Youth Hostel in Gotenba-city in Shizuoka Prefecture from August 10th through 12th. A Sunday service on August 11th was executed with both Korean and Japanese language, as titled gAllied Sunday service with joint praying for the North-South Unification in Peaceh. This was 9th time of joint retreat.
 In summer of 1979, Pastor Sung Ja Park made a preach at the Hyakunincho. During lunch time having around her, some said, gWhy not we can have a sister relation?h Then, the sister relationship was started. Seizing this opportunity, junior and high school studentsf joint camp was opened, other than a joint retreat. And also Korean language learning class was opened in the Hyakunincho. Members in higher-grade class made a good progress up to being able to translate a Korean preach. Those were put on the seasonal church organ, gRobah.
 Through mutual communication for more than 10 years, family exchange of both churches was deepened. During exchange, two members of the Hyakunincho became able to interpret Korean to Japanese.
 Participants were 11 persons from the Jamsil and 40 from the Hyakunincho. 3 members of the Hyakunincho received baptism from both Japanese and Korean pastors.
The retreat was programmed to address the theme of gvarious problems for North-South unificationh, and a branch meeting was followed the theme. Both church tried to find a way out of joint action up to gThe Year of Jubilee of Peace and Unificationh in 1995.

 Pastor Aso told, gI attempted to lead service by both languages, and sung hymn as Japanese for first syllable, Korean for second and both for third. I saw a strong impression welled up in participantfs heart, since I believe we are sisters and brothers under the Load. This is exceptional touching service we had ever. I wish to enlarge such a close friendship over to Philippine, the Pacific Nations or others, and to mingle with any local people, as planning to have an actual meeting.h
(Printed from the Christ News Paper on September 14th, 1991. The title is gJapanese-Korean Joint Retreat. A theme is North-South Unification.h)