We were deeply sorry for Pastor Toshifumi Aso passed away July 31st 2010 before completion of this booklet. He made big efforts introducing the church of Hyakunincho to every person who has interest, for English speaking people also.
As remembering “Ravi. Aso”, and the time of the 40 years anniversary of the Hyakunincho church foundation, we would like trace people’s trail forming a new church now on..
The scenes we would like to see are;
What looks like people’s trail on forming a new church called “Hyakunincho”,
What kind of flavor they had,
Which way they went, and Where they will go.
We would like to see 40 years’ journey starting from decision making to form a new church by only common people(believers) without pastors.
日 本 語
 한 국 어
View of the Hyakunincho church now, looking from inside
View of such Hyakunincho church, looking from outside
Look out the trail how to found the Hyakunincho church
  Incident Ⅰ The Hyakunincho was born from big flux of time
  Incident Ⅱ Era of Pastor Toshifumi Aso
  Incident Ⅲ Encountered with the Jamsil Central Church
  Incident Ⅳ Era of Pastor Jungsoon Ka
  Incident Ⅴ Miscellaneous
Around-Table Talk
  A discussion meeting by participators joined after 1990
  A discussion by participators joined before 1990