4. Around-Table Talk 
A discussion by participators joined before 1990
 Memorizing 40th anniversary, a round-table talk was arranged just for fairy new members described in former pages. Then somebody said it was also better to arrange for old members who joined before 1990. This is a record of round-talk about impressive matters or future talked by the people who were in the Hyakunincho for around 40 years.
Moderator:  I joined Ookubo-meeting from beginning. However, I could not join a Sunday service for almost 2 years since getting married. It was too busy for coexistence of home care and job. I do like and respect people in the Hyakunincho, since I was united with them. Therefore, I think I could clearly stand on the position against risky problems of “Kimigayo (Japanese national anthem) and Hinomaru (Japanese national flag)”.
Now, please talk frankly about impressive matters or good things for 40 years.
G:  When I left from Mitake Church, I felt strongly just going out to the wilds as like “Exodus”. I think the Hyakunincho did not have barriers or walls. And they had no restriction to do something by anybody.
C:  I began to come Ookubo-Meeting with my children. At that time, many of participants come in and out. We could not settle there down well, and child would like to back former church. As Home Circle was started, I could hear of people’s talk, and that made me my thought put in order. Sunday school was started also, and my children became steady to come here.
F:  That situation might realize after Pastor Aso became principal pastor, wasn’t it? I remember both Home Circle and Sunday school were started at the same time.
L:  A few members including Mr. Haruyoshi Ikeda as a seminary student supported to Sunday school. “Ms A” wrote to Roba 99 (refer to miscellaneous scene). Many of children came over, but they did not show up after becoming junior high school student. Mr. Wasaburo Tanaka, a seminary student also at that time, became in charge of junior high school part. Even well arranged, only my child attended every week, and he would be just like a friend of my child one-to-one. I am sorry but he did not come to church abruptly after graduation of school. He never came back to church since then.
K:  As reflection, there was really very busy time since we had an unconstitutionality judgment in the Nagoya high court for “the Tsu Shinto ground-breaking ceremony which pacifies the local guardian sprits” in 1971, and had an opposite judgment in 1977. During that period of time, we wrote a appeal statement of supporting for former Nagoya high court decision, and all Hyakunincho members cooperated distributing those writings to nation-wide local governments. They might have much energy to act, since younger than now. I feel our church was deeply concerned with those problems from initially.
S:  The Hyakunincho was away different from the church I used to go with my parent in child hood. I surprised very much at discussion made in response, since I felt those as saying, “Adults could become as honest as realizing such kind of serious conversation.” My heart was moving very much since the Hyakunincho allowed everybody to talk freely. By the way, exciting encounter of Mr. O was happened, and we drunk together many times.
K:  You and Mr. O were baptized at the same time, don’t you?
Moderator:  Even though growing up in the Christian home, it was fairy late to be baptized, wasn’t it?
S:  I resisted so much for Christianity. I had a question how would baptizing change a man by just ceremony. Beside, God always said a man can be in free.
F:  So, you did not go to the church parent used to go.
Moderator:  Well, Mr. S! It is amazing matter both of your sons go to church as baptized. It is rare case in the Hyakunincho. (All laughter)
S:  I had a gap between my work and my belief. In the Hyakunincho, members discussed this gap seriously. I saw them, and energy to overcome was given to me. Meanwhile, I could realize people surrounded me being in harder life than myself.
F:  I remembered well, it was great pleasure since place to be given for a Sunday service as Ookubo-Meeting. It gave me a peace of mind since I had a sense of crisis our church would be gone out if I did not come here even once. That fear was continued for me through first 2, 3 years. Therefore, I came here even bad weather such as typhoon or big snow. When I caught a slight cold, I believed it would be cured if I came here.
J:  It is a strong belief, isn’t it? (All laughter)
F:  I could be absent for a Sunday service safely when Pastor Aso came here. (All uncontrolled laughter)
For this 40 years, there were many matters happened on me such as mother’s death, retirement, or others. I could stand for such incidents, because I was in the Hyakunincho.
KIn this occasion, I think we need to verify the reason why the Hyakunincho would separate from the Mitake Church. The first reason was that of criticizing for preaching done by the successor of Pastor Asano. The second reason was that of criticizing against a decision made asking for the riot police to solve the campus dispute of Tokyo Union Theological Seminary. Those two elements had correlation on the point that we had responsibility for social problem and incident of the world in our generation. Those were just history of our starting. At now, it is more important to deal with present situation, but not past matters.
L:  I could not come here for first five years since busy for child rearing. But, I remember well about very delightful chance when I could join the retreat held at Karuisawa with my three children after Pasto Aso became in charge.
D:  There were a lot of people who left the Hyakunincho on middle of the way.
S:  But I think the Hyakunincho could keep tight connection with what each person did. Therefore, we could run up for 40 years.
F:  Pastor Aso used to announce every extra “all members’s meeting” that he would like to resign in charge of principle pastor during the time he was very busy for coexistence with the work of Joshi-Gakuin school. He stopped saying so, after starting sister relationship with the church of Pastor Sung Ja Park. Don’t you think so?
J:  It might be so, but I think main reason was that he gained spare time after he decided to resign the work of Joshi-Gakuin school.
B:  By the way, was it not so easy decision to join UCCJ?
F:  No! When we were going to join, two obstacles came up. One was another church called “O” of UCCJ nearby. Second was not all members agreed to join. Because of those two reasons, we needed a very long time to settle.
B:  I might be just as like reborn through communication with the Jamsil church. When I attended the joint retreat between Japan and Korea, Mr. Y of Korean told me, “We don’t want repeat the history of past invasion. It is necessary to observe strictly the constitution of Japan. Please extend the circle of movement keeping piece throughout the country.” Therefore, after retirement, I intend to learn and act for piece.
F:  I think, it is important for church keeping common time. For example, we’d better to share each mind or support what others doing. I believe Pastor Aso guided us so, since he had good ability to carry through of his original goal, even though having some friction against him.
S:  Today we have monthly demonstration march against nationalization of Yasukuni Shrine. I have been concerning also about social problems, or Japanese situation in Asia, in particular with Philippine and Korea. Driving force doing so is just because that the Hyakunincho has been stimulating me continuously.
D:  I encountered Christianity world at late teens, and have attended the Hyakunincho for 40 years. I have been thinking what the Hyakunincho was meant for me somewhere in my mind always. Organization is changing continuously. I have been living as correcting my work in accordance with a sense of values what church has. I think I could work together for founding the Hyakunincho for 40 years, since I could have good health and friends. I have another serious matter in my mind, but it is too early to speak.
C:  I could think about problem of Asia through sister relationship with the Jamsil.
Future of the Hyakunincho
E:  Would all please talk about future of the Hyakunincho now? As thinking about time of era, there are three stages in the Hyakunincho, such as an initial stage, Pasto Aso’s era and Pastor Ka’s era. I would like to think about last era a little bit more. A feeling of familiarity with Korean people becomes deeper because of sister relation with the Jamsil. On the other hand, various types of Korean people who knew Pastor Ka are coming here. It is important we can have another route to communicate with Korea. Furthermore, as talked today’s testimony, Pastor Ka starts to have a class in a university, and I believe his testimony spoken in the Hyakunincho would be accepted by students. And we could know also the response from students. It is important for us that even though succession of belief would not get down directly in the Hyakunincho, would get in different route by new generation. I could imagine those might make a new step to the future.I:  Why we could rent a room in the Kyofu-Kaikan for Ookubo-Meeting, because I worked for building repairs of the Kaikan at that time. I am a Christian of 4th generation. My father was a pastor. I could not help to hate Christianity at young. 40 years ago, I just could work as architecture. And the same time I had to start nursing care of old both parents next by next. Therefore, I could not attend every week. I was living by the architecture work given from the Zushi church and the Sakuramoto missionary Teacher S was working. Although I disliked Christianity, I was engaged in ecclesiastical architecture, since I started to gain money from those works. Long ago, I was asked from interviewer of Christian news paper, “You built scores of church. When will you build your own church?” I replied, “It will never happen!” Then, news paper wrote me “An astonished architecture”. (All laughter)
 I am considering that a Sunday service is central position of church which built by my work of ecclesiastic architecture. A Sunday service is just a kind of ceremony. If the Hyakunincho has just response only, it couldn’t go beyond just movement circle. I think a church must be a place and time to be purified by God. Therefore, it is very much pleasant I could come the Hyakunincho. Because of this much of people, I can get into the testimony as if pastor spoke to me alone. It is a splendid matter of the Hyakunincho. I believe it is one of good means of missionary work to extend this method more and more. Old day’s missionary works were based on the local place contacted with local people, and developing by a Sunday school or kinder garden. But now it is almost disappeared. So, it might be good idea we would go out the world from our side. I have feeling the people with nothing have been more blessing by God, even though contrary from common idea.
G:  I came here since I would like to work for social world. I met here Mr. K, Mr. I and Mr. M. And I could have support for objection against “the Tsu Shinto ground-breaking ceremony which pacifies the local guardian sprits”.  I met Ms Tawara and Mr. S in the Bible Study Circle, and I started to participate in monthly demonstration march. All of my work started from the church. There are two centers of gravity in my mind, which are the Hyakunincho and my job. The church supported my job strongly. Therefore, I believe the church is not based on building but based on people.
Q:  I hung on the Hyakunincho because of attractiveness of Pastor Aso or Pastor Ka as a pilot, on reflecting past of my life. I could get wide vision on various matters, since I have here Mr. Kubo and Ms Hozumi, who was working widely in Asia, and other Korean people nearby. I feel importantness to form a relationship with people. As Mr. E said, I think it is better to think about our future as coming in sight of this 40th anniversary, other than looking back.
K:  Somebody said that organization will be changing continuously, and the Hyakunincho also looks like to be an organic body, since many people came in and out. The Hyakunincho had various social activities. Among them, it was good action Pastor Aso conducted educational work for young in his farm, and also supported Philippine. Mr. G worked in supporting circle of “separation of religion and politics” as a secretariat for more than 30 years soberly. This is the nature of the Hyakunincho. But from now, we have to think about why the young do not come to the church. Is this popular phenomenon which happened in whole Japan, Christianity, the Hyakunincho, or individual person? We need to consider from all aspects, and then, we have to verify which way we have to go. We have to think about our future based upon what we did this much for 40 years.
P:  When I was in Aoyama Junior College, I used to join the Bible-Study Circle organized by Teacher Kakei and Pastor Aso once a week. That time of Korea was the last period of Chon Hi Park government, and it scared me that my senior, who was in Korean Theological University, arrested as political prisoner. I could not speak about my fear to anybody, but in that Kakei’s Circle I could speak anything in safe. After ten-something years, I became to come to the Hyakunincho. I think the Hyakunincho is a special place where all people heard and considered honestly problems what somebody to be proposed. Moreover, they have their own solid beliefs in the bottom of root, therefore, I have a feeling of confidence with them and I feel easy to speak anything.
M:  When I came up to Tokyo from Osaka, I was baptized in the Anglican Church since I would like to change myself. In relation with Mr. M, I came here. All people, as well as Pastor Aso, are distinctive and attractive. I think the Hyakunincho is one of most important place for my life and will be forever. Prof. Kida used to say “The Bible calls for the human beings self-identity and responsibility”, so, I thought I had to live with self-identity and responsibility. As seeing people was working seriously for society even where in shade, I learned this was belief. It is our task how this property is passed down to the young. I wish students of Pastor Ka, who like to come, to see this Hyakunincho as well.
It was my big decision I came here alone after leaving the church I used to go with my family in Christian home. I have impressive person, Mr. Kosaka, who worked seriously for problem in Philippine, among many active people in the Hyakunincho.  Good point of the Hyakunincho is that people with a certain talent did own work, without top-down decision of the church. Another big event was a dramatic replacement of principal pastor from Pasto Aso to Pastor Ka. I think it was ideal replacement since Pastor Aso had been making a good support for Pastor Ka without annoying him. Members’ representative committee is also wonderful organization without authoritarianism. Nowadays, I could not attend a Sunday service because I am busy to start new business with my friend. And then I am wondering all the time what has meaning I am involved in the church. If I will damage my body, how I keep relation with the Church? That’s why, I would like to propose to develop internet I could hear testimony in my home.
  Attractiveness of the Hyakunincho is that attendance can express own opinion freely. As I can experience empathy with hearing those opinions, I become feel so easy to speak such things also. I quitted job 5 years ago, then I could attend home-reading circle once a month. Learning from Bible and reading books makes me encouraging a lot. I became an accountant of the church in this year, then, I can realize all of us are supporting for the Hyakunincho by each offering. I feel, recently, it has a little bit of difficulty to make offer a lot of money because of age of retirement. Pastor Ka said, “I never see absolutely who offered how much.” If offering becomes a gradual decline, I think we have to accept that. I have no intention to enlarge this church or to bring the young, (of course, if the young comes, it will be splendid), and I would like make sure making this time abundant.
L:  I think Pastor Aso’s power of action had big impact for me. Mr. S and Mr. G are continuing to participate with Yasukuni demonstration march until now honestly even though that was tiny event and trial. Those activities give me what I have to continue my act as well. I was not supported at beginning Pastor Aso’s decision resigned principal pastor and started Cosmo Farm. But he acted well with Cosmo Farm and his children. I think big gift was returned to us from those. After replacing to Pastor Ka, he educated us and, in home circle, made us in charge of testimony or Bible-study by ourselves instead of pastor. Anyway, we forced to learn. (All laughter)  In result of that, I feel joyful time of leaning Bible.
N:  I could not support well before about the sister relationship between the Hyakunincho and the Jamsil. As I heard the story how to make sister relation, I could not understand well about reason. Although I attended the Joint retreat, I felt a sense of discomfort, less incentive or dissatisfaction. I thought the sister relation means a sense of actual like sister, which both breathing and stepping should be focused closely and pleasantly on the same way. On the other hand, if no response gave back from the Jamsil and the relation was stopped, I would feel so much sorry as leaving the Hyakunincho alone. Therefore, I think now it is important matter for us. On reflecting my past feeling, it is better to make a sister relationship positively from now on.
T:  I believe we had been able to work as a foster parent till now, because of support and prayer from all of members. When we wished to have family home with three children in the Higashi-Matsuyama housing complex, it would be required for a little bit bigger space. Many members in the Bible-Study Class tried to fix those honestly and found housing at the place of Hachioji. All of members supported us financially, and then we could open our family home. There are some intensions in the Hyakunincho by supporting for what someone starts something. Our family home was one of that. Time by time, we had hard period, but we were supported and we had to overcome. As Pastor Ka wrote in the “Roba”, we could overcome hard time by the word how could we handle present world.
J:  I learned firstly from the Hyakunincho, even though as a pastor, he is one of member, and then after existing as a pastor. Therefore, a pastor should support the church just as one of member. I wish to do so from now. And in that sense, I intend to work also professional pastor entrusted from the members. That’s why this is just like a carriage and pair.
 What I learned very much from the Hyakunincho is a church formation. It is including ranging from a state of belief to all contents of a Sunday service. Those are not built up by a pastor alone but also by all of members. If talking about Bible reading, it is not get through with just only by a pastor. It is mandatory to listen to others. We have time of response in the service. A pastor has to study professional area. In addition of that, a pastor should learn through listening to response also. It is most important matter, I think. In ordinal church, a pastor could not have much chance to listen from people, and this is the unhappiest matter for them, isn’t this?
 As I mentioned just before about my personal matters with tears, Pastor Aso and his wife, Michiko (who has remarkable ability), supported me long time. Of course, all other people also supported me behind the sense. So, I was envied from the district other churches since I was too happy. I have a critical position in part of mind to the certain degree, and my criticism is criticism with reconsideration, and necessary to deepen my thought ahead. It might be said, there are rather many young as comparing other churches, I think they have good interest for the Hyakunincho. Therefore, we can have hope for future.
Let’s talk about criticizing the status of Hyakunincho a little bit more
P:  I think sometimes that there is a risk of not seeing the future if we only viewed past with nostalgia.
E:  Relating with that, I think all discussion would be back to when the Hyakunincho left from the Mitake always. It might be precious matter to make the backbone, however, it is not so good if people, who joined after or the young, were made listen to old story repeatedly as a recollection.
P To know the history is good study for me, but the same time, it makes me to have a feeling of alienation.
Moderator:  I heard the same feeling from others.
B:  It might be a same story of Mr. W. He would like to work for the visually impaired, and talked me about his intention many times. There was, however, no reaction in the Hyakunincho. Then he move off.
I I believe people recognize everything by visual state at highest priority. Because of that, if church has big structure and pastor preaches self-importantly from the pulpit, everybody will remember his words well. But here is nothing except meeting place.
E:  Opinion of whether we have to have church building or not are depending on what point individual person consider important. At present, since we have no church building, participant already knows such style and then comes here. Therefore, we have to receive such people with full of heart. On the other hand, I think we are not so anxious to follow up who left here. They might be such person who have different thought or need support from the Hyakunincho. Maybe, somebody tried to follow up, but as a whole of the Hyakunincho, there is not much effort to do so. I felt before this church does not focus on members thoroughly.
F:  While I could not come for a long time, Pastor Aso care of me so as to put on short words on “Roba” and weekly which he mailed.
K I wonder what motivation the young has, when they come to the church.  In my case, I came here for asking relief from my disease. When I came to the church, I found various kinds of people such as studying in the Mission School, or concerning about social problems. I believe at that time the Christianity had energy, then many people came to the church. This time of period is different. I wonder what intention could invite the young here.
L:  According to Pastor Ka’s talking just before, there are many young who had interest of the church. What kind of church they would go?
Moderator:  There are a lot of students they would like to study the Christian religion,
P:  What happen if this space is too small to receive all of them?
F There are many Pastor Aso’s former pupils.
Moderator:  What about a Sunday service with internet suggested by Ms H.
P We can do it immediately, if everybody wishes it. In that case, we have to decide to open whether just only who knows a password, or all without limitation.
L:  If movie need, someone has to run camera, doesn’t it?
P:  Is it possible to have only voice without a screen image?
L:  What is different from CD?
P:  Just matter of real time or not, isn’t it?
K:  It is near at hand.
Moderator At near future, not all members could come here physically since becoming older and older.
L:  Instead of becoming empty here, all members would participate a Sunday service at home. (All laughter)
K:  I will become a big problem and troublesome.
Dated June 20th and July 18th, 2010