Incident V:  Miscellaneous
+ The opening scene shows the story about Ziran-chan (daughter). Summarizing previous information, everybody thought it would be difficult to get a refugee certificate from Japanese authority. And then, would order enforced repatriation. It means that father enforces to send Turkey, and mother send Philippine. Family would be forced being separated each other. On the day of the last judgment, it weighed heavily on all members’ mind. Suddenly, miracle had happened. It might be change on administrative situation or government policy. Or it might be to show conscious of the court. We did not know exact reason. Or, God might be heard our prayer. The last “judgment” was reconciliation. And finally, resident permit staying in Japan was issued for the family (Note 8).

+ We visited Okinawa. Visited church member guided us to “Gama” (Cave hiding Japanese soldier in) where almost nobody came inside nowadays. It was dark inside. We offered a silent prayer to war dead. We could hear as if groaning from people stayed in “Gama”. Stop war! Everybody shouted. And then, we participated campaign meeting for refusing US military base planed at “Henoko” in Okinawa. In front of the base, we had praying time in circle. Opening my eyes slightly, a criminal sunset had started and sun just sunk below the horizon. I was deeply moved by the grandeur of nature. (Roba 152)

+ On several times soon after our journey started, some voice arose it might be better to disperse. Some member said, “What happen on me? I have no place to come other than here.” Then, decided to go.

+ How was “the House of Roba” born?
 Recently at the House of Roba, we can make a time to read the Bible once a month by the local people not from the Hyakunincho. The participants are men and women who are in full swing for child rearing of nevertheless a foster child or own child. And they are now in running into problems.
 I started to attend the Ookubo-Meeting Sunday service just before Christmas of 1977. Around that time, I just knew only that “Mr. Hiroyuki Takase” was Christian, even if he might be married with me. Anyway, for knowing him, it was mandatory to attend the Ookubo-Meeting, since he was a quite taciturn person at all. At the time of the Hyakunincho, there was many couples came together than now. And more than ten children gathered there coming with parents. My impression of the Ookubo-Meeting was that both adults and even children had their own opinion to express clearly, but not my fiancé. “We have a special relation. Why Mr. Hiroyuki Takase is keeping silence at all?” That question was still in my mind, and no answer was given so far. Meanwhile, I was getting good understanding on members except him. During the service, members used to take a lunch together. For buying a lunch outside, there was a person on duty to do so in turn. The person took orders as like “How many Inarizushi (flavored boiled rice wrapped in fried bean curd)?” “Norimaki (Vinegar rice wrapped in sea wood)?” or “Others?”  Then, the person took a train for buying. Members used to take a tea in a tea house after the service finished. This is unchanged still today. Then, I was very much astonished some members ordered alcohols at there. I wondered, “Are they real Christians?” On the other sense, I convinced I could become Christian also. Therefore, I got baptized together with Mrs. Teruko Shibahara and Miss Miyoko Imasato on Christmas of 1981, just before name was changed to the Hyakunincho from Ookubo-Meeting. From 3 years prior to that, I became to attend a Bible-Study Circle. Studying the Book of Isaiah, I impressed specific opinion participants had, rather than Bible contents. I was stimulated by their thinking and conversation. Gradually, I could grew up till having own opinion. Meals of the Bible-Study Circle made me cheer up and gave mental nutritional materials for dream or hope for me. Perhaps, as eating all of quality and volume, it became my driving force founding “The House of Roba”. 2 years later from having a meal at first in the Bible-Study Circle, I got first foster child. Again other 2 years later, I got second foster child. Until second child, it was enough having “The House of Roba”. However, I wish to have third child. Then I attended a seminar of “Study training for realization of family home”. The seminar was conducted for 6 months in California from summer of 1984. So, I came back next year, and I returned Bible-Study. Because of studying in the seminar, I really convinced that we never say, “Too difficult since without that or this” by commonsensical. On the reverse, we did think about “What is necessary to realize family home?” base on not commonsensical. Then, I could start family home at “The House of Roba” from April, 1986. It is joyous day every day since I could have meals with my children. For that meal, always I imagine highly nourishing foods studied in the Bible-Study Circle.
 Our church had been changing through these 20 years. When time will come I no longer need to take care of my children, I wish to rush back to the Bible-Study and a Sunday service. (Roba 99)
 Furthermore, for next 20 years, I will encourage myself to make a place working with various groups in associated with adaptive children, and open “The House of Roba” to local people for that purpose.

+ Sunday school for children
 There might be no one who has not been in charge of Sunday school even once among the people attending the Hyakunincho for a long time.
 Even though everybody had experience, when asking what is Sunday school, various answer will be back depending upon their stances how to be concerned.
 History of Sunday school would be defined how member’s children spent the time while the parents were attending Sunday service (from 10:30 to 13:00).
 Around 1975, the parents had a Sunday service still in a small room of Kyufu-Kaikan. Only place children could play was a passing way or outside. They spent time for playing kick-the-can or hide-and-seek.
 After soon, adults’ service moved wider kitchen space, and children could use the small room. One member at least used to be in charge of school and children enjoyed time freely. It continued for a while.
 At the time of 1980, Pastor Haruyoshi Ikeda called out for some members for participation to start children Sunday service as like as adults. Volunteers of member were Mr. Machida, Ms Saito, Ms Shibahara and Ms Michiko Aso. At beginning, text of “Luke” was selected from New Testament. After short story, we took lunch together, and enjoyed storytelling with pictures, handcraft or dancing.
 In 1981, junior high school class was started. Person in charge was increased, such as President; Mr. Wasaburo Tanaka, New teacher; Mr. & Mrs. Takase and Miss Imasato.
 In 1983, we had 7 times training session organized by Prof. Mizuno. We asked him preaching for class as well. I remembered clearly about joyful time such as dancing together based on a song of Nepal and making origami ship.
 From 1984, we asked widely for members to become in charge again. 17 members in turn had responsibility in a year. In some year, person in charge talked what he or she would like to convey to children. In another year, Old Testament was used for text. We scheduled with rough plan annually. A registered child was 32 and average attendances were 7 or 8.
 However, in this one or two years, attendance was decreasing. Even though person in charge prepared and was waiting for children, nobody showed up at several times.
 In this year, we did not have Sunday school. We changed system to arrange special program such as a camp and etc, just sometime as required. At present, children or school children come with the parents could not choose but to attend adults’ service.
 Children gathered the Hyakunincho are all of members’ children. In almost all case, parents bring children from far away when they would like to attend a Sunday service. That’s why the school carried out a role as baby-sitter also, while parents could concentrate to the service.
 Many of children attended the retreat, Christmas and Easter together with parents. We could see how to grow up the children. Children, who were affectionate to everybody, grew up a little bit more, then, took care of younger children. And time comes those children became university students or were going out into the world. They might read a weekly or “Roba” in the home, and watching parent’s from back. I think they would feel of the life in their hearts as seeing something in the Hyakunincho. They seldom attend a Sunday service now. (Roba 99)
 This year, June, 2010, one of once children made a testimony in the service. This matter gives us great emotion and thanks. (Roba 185)

  A special-delivery letter
 I reminded of a special-deliver letter sent me long time ago occasionally. The letter was sent to every member of the Hyakunincho at the same time. Therefore, somebody might keep the letter still. “Members should not force Pastor Aso to resign of the Hyakunincho! Or I will quit as a member of the Hyakunincho” It was from Prof. Kida. The story behind was very delicate and might be imagined a little bit from following;
 Fairy ago, Toshifumi Aso suggested repeatedly he would like to resign as the principal pastors at annual general meeting or summer retreat.
 I could not remember well since it was more than 30 years ago. After year end meeting of “Kumi-no Kai” (senior members group) at “the Shinpo-Juku” (a boarding school), 3, 4 seniors came to Pastor Aso’s house. They discussed about future of Pastor Aso till mid night, and stayed over night. In the discussion, Pastor Aso was proposed from them that “How about choice to go Korea apart from the Japan for a while?” Korea at that time was under a military dictatorship. If so, I wondered what happened on me, and I tried to study about Korea from books and magazines.
 Anyway, it always happened in the Hyakunincho that instead of the pastor to worry about members, members worried about the pastor. The reason why it happened was fairy delicate problem. Pastor Aso had good interest for social problems such as Sanrizuka Airport objecting for construction, objecting to construct highway near his home, and others and others. Contrarily to his mind, some members wish him to concentrate on cure of souls much more, since they received pastor through tremendous effort. I thought, they came to the church for receiving comfort, therefore, they felt much dissatisfaction.
 I repeated periodically in my mind a word of “Pastor is also ordinal people”.
 I remembered well Mr. Shohei Sasabuchi told us “It is no matter what people say, we have a relationship in trust.”         (Michiko Aso)